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What causes back pain/discomfort in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, drastic changes occur in the body of a woman. From changes in the diet to habits, everything completely changes during pregnancy. Starting from the 5th month, the body starts gaining weight, center of gravity of the body shifts due to expansion of uterus and hormones relax the ligaments in the pelvis. Due to all these changes, various problems like back pain/discomfort in pregnancy due to natural reaction of the body which tries to adjust to these structural changes.  If the strain in ligaments continues for long; it may lead to serious backache issues like sciatica, pubic symphysis etc. which might even grow worse in future.

Some of the important measures to be taken during pregnancy are-

  • Practicing a good posture- 

It is the most basic but quiet and effective way which if kept in mind from the beginning, would help alleviate the pain easily. You should stand up straight and tall, always keep graco pack n play with newborn napper your chest high, keep your shoulders back and relaxed and should never lock your knees. Whenever you have to stand, use a comfortable posture for best support. Also while sitting, one should keep few basic things in mind. Always use chair that supports your back or you could even use a pillow to support your lower back. But if you are still experiencing pain, prop a stool under your feet while sitting. This also gives support to your back. It is because stress on spine is the highest when you are sitting. Therefore, it is prudent to be extra careful while sitting and standing to avoid back pain/ discomfort in pregnancy.


  • Don’t sit for long duration– 

If you are working or even at home, never get stationed for a long time. Always take breaks or walks every hour to avoid experiencing the excruciating pain later.


  • Always sleep on your side– 

While sleeping, try and avoid sleeping on your back. Instead, learn to sleep on your sides. You can also use pregnancy pillows under your abdomen, between your knees and behind your back. Also, while getting up in the morning, first turn to your side and then swing your legs over the side of the bed. This should be followed because this position pushes your body with the help of your arms without putting any strain on your back.

Avoid high-heels during this period– 

Try wearing flats or low-heels during pregnancy. Since high-heels put a strain on your back and might even make your body unstable which is quite dangerous at this stage. You can also use a maternity support belt to attenuate the back pain/ discomfort in pregnancy.

The conclusion:

Thus, by adopting these simple yet powerful measures, lot of burden on the bones and muscles and spines of back can be reduced which helps avoid back pain/discomfort in pregnancy. Since it is the most beautiful phase of a women’s life, so one should not take any risks and be extra careful so that this phase can be enjoy newborn pack and play without any pains and worries.

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